UFI IS GREEN: the exclusive interview by Chairman Giorgio Girondi to Automobile & Parts

Innovation is part of our DNA, and it is the distinctive trait that helped our development in the market until now”, with these words, the UFI Filters Group Chairman, Giorgio Girondi, opens the exclusive interview with Automobile & Parts, one of the most popular Aftermarket magazines in China, by outlining UFI’s contribution to a more sustainable future

There’s a broader global attention to emission containing policies, as testified by the agreement signed by global leaders in Paris in 2015, and the plan set forth by the EU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and progressively increase the share of renewable energies and energy efficiency before 2030.

In this foreword, UFI Filters – global leader in the filtration, thermal management and hydrogen filtration technology fields – is increasingly committed to supporting cars and heavy vehicle manufacturers, by developing solutions for new electric vehicles (NEV – New Energy Vehicles).

The interview shows how the drive of a constantly evolving market, such as the Chinese one, with more accentuated evolutionary timeframe, compared to the European market, along with the innovation that is an integral part of the UFI Filters Group’s DNA, is the winning combination that marks UFI Filters’ success in both China and worldwide.

The Chinese market has always been an important benchmark. The quick development of new vehicles and technologies provides the chance to work in a scenario that moves with extreme rapidity. Innovation – an integral part of UFI Filters’ DNA – is the answer to this market. “Being one step ahead” is one of the values the Group invests in, to provide solutions that anticipate future demand. With its GLOCAL approach (local production with a global perspective), UFI Filters can serve local customers, by developing its products in one of the 3 Innovation Centers located in Italy, China and India, and spreading know-how in the other production branches throughout the world, for global coverage.

According to the Chairman, the future for mobility without harmful emissions into the atmosphere passes through hydrogen, and this is exactly what UFI Filters has focused on.
For over five years, it has focused on searching for and developing technologies that can be installed on any kind of vehicle, both heavy vehicles, cars, and light commercial vehicles. The Advanced H2 brand was created to identify those products for hydrogen mobility, such as the UFI Adsorber cathode air filters, which ensures the best operation of the fuel cell, and the deioniser, which deionises the cooing circuit coolant.

The UFI Group has been present in China for over forty years; and today, it can count on 7 industrial sites, the last of which is about to be opened in the Zhejiang province, in Jiaxing, and will be entirely devoted to developing products for NEV.

Chairman Giorgio Girondi concludes “The future will be greener. We are entering the new era of hydrogen technology, and our Group is ready to guide this process with five years of unfailing devotion. Get ready while I’m about to unveil revolutionary innovations for hydrogen mobility. Stay tuned with UFI Filters’ world, as our momentum is just beginning!”

Read the complete interview here:

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